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Approval of the Government

The Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh granted Manarat the permission to establish a university after it had fulfilled all the criteria of the Private University Act, 1992, as amended in 1998. On the 3rd April 2001 the birth of MIU was confirmed with the Charter awarded to it by the Ministry of Education on recommendation of the University Grants Commission (UGC). MIU was inaugurated on the 21st of May 2001 amidst a modest ceremony arranged for the first batch of incoming students and their guardians.

Manarat is now poised to contribute to the human resources development by expanding the scope of higher education in Bangladesh. MIU’s International Advisory Board consisting of distinguished academicians, scholars, researchers and entrepreneurs from noteworthy international universities and organizations provides advice and counsel on academic programs and standards. MIU has signed official collaboration agreement with California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB) and is in progress to develop similar arrangements with other globally reputed universities.

 The spirit of MIU is to foster a congenial atmosphere for intellectual growth, moral uplift and professional excellence. MIU epitomizes quintessential amalgamation of scholastic development, enriched co-curricular environment and commitment to principles and values. The courses and all aspects of the academic program are modeled on North American universities reflecting a rich blend of sub-continental issues.

 MIU’s first freshmen classes began on May 28, 2001 with 73 students in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Computer Science and Information Technology, and in the Department of Business Administration of the School of Business and Economics.