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Scopes and Strategies

At the end of the last millennium, it was evident that the new century would be the century of knowledge. Whoever holds the knowledge will be fit to survive in this millennium. With the advent of increased globalization, a fundamental shift has occurred in how and where business is pursued. Dynamic forms of business are evolving where geographical boundaries are quickly vanishing. Businesses are shifting operations to geographical locations where human resources of high skill sets are available at competitive prices. To stay competitive and face the challenges of the brave new world, it is imperative to develop human capital that is globally competent.

MIU has designed all of its programs that accomplish these tasks. By transcending the frontiers of knowledge, we have incorporated the global perspective in our teaching and have ensured improvisation and cross fertilization of ideas that continuously breathe new life in our academic arena. Furthermore, MIU contends that the modus operand of this paradigm is to maintain close cooperation with prestigious institutions of the world. Keeping the global view in focus, MIU emphasizes on incorporating realities of global business environment. The global perspective is seen in our continuous search for international collaboration, globally oriented teaching material, and recruitment of superb faculty with international backgrounds.