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Make-up Examination Schedule

Semester:  Fall-2014

Program: BBA, ENB & ENM


10:00 AM – 12:30/1:00 PM


02:30 PM – 05:00 PM

27 February  2015



MGT301: Production & Operation Management (MZI)

GED202/224: Bangladesh Studies (AT)

GED104: Life & Teaching of Prophet Muhammad (SM) (MO)

BUS401: Enterpreneurship Development (SMA)

FIN404: Investment Analysis (IA)

MIS405: Management Science (AM)

BUS101:Introduction to Business (MA)

MGT403: Organizational Behaviour (SDA)

ENG118: Literary Criticism (MAK)

ENG110: Victorian Poets (SM)


28 February  2015



STA102/131: Introduction to Statistics (JH)

ACT401: Cost Accounting (SH)

MKT222: Marketing Management (NHR)

FIN403: Corporate Finance (IA)

MAT102: Mathematics for Business (IA)

GED302: Environmental Studies (AT)

ENG302: Contemporary Critical Approaches (TM)

MGT401: Human Resource Management (HR)

BUS404: Business Research Methodology (HR)

MGT404: Startegic Management (MMR)

ENM112: Modern Poetry (HHK)

MGT402: International Business (RAC)

GED303: Arabic Language (AAI)

ECO302: Macroeconomics (MR)

MGT412: Insurance and Risk Management (MMR)

BUS112: Introduction to Computer (AN & SU)


         N.B: * Respective Course Teachers are requested to submit at least 5 set of  questions for each course.


           Controller of Examinations